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Gambero Rosso 2018,  read about us !


Gambero Rosso 2018  wine guide!  We publish on our blog the review about our wines. We do this for a lot of reasons, but the most engaging one is this: we love the way C...



This year at Enologica 2017, in Bologna, we decided to bring the seaside taste of Romagna with 4 wines of our production.  Discover our white and red wines at Enologica Join us...taste our wi...



COOL! We feel FICO !  FICO- ITALY opens  in Bologna, the agro-food park, where  you can discover the food and wine world, awaking your senses, pick up many different courses about...



If you love oriental culture, come to Tokyo.   This is a wonderful city to lose yourself in. If you love oriental cuisine, it’s here where you can have fun, discover all those culi...