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Enio Ottaviani staff
Massimo Lorenzi, Davide Lorenzi, Milena Tonelli, Marco Tonelli, Enio Ottaviani Vini Winery, Romagna, Rimini.

The wine estate began 60 years ago with our grandfather Enio Ottaviani.
Enio Ottaviani is located in San Clemente (Rimini), Emilia Romagna, Italy. We run a  family business, passed on from generation to generation, in continual development.

We are dedicated to our work in the vines and in the cellar and share the fruit of our land with our guests.
We believe that what is in our glass is all the poetry of the earth.
We make wines for our friends, because sharing wine is a priceless value and wine is the maximum expression of joy at the table.

Massimo Lorenzi
Massimo Lorenzi
Enio Ottaviani Winery, San Clemente in Rimini, Emilia Romagna
Milena Tonelli
Milena Tonelli
Enio Ottaviani Winery, logistic, Emilia Romagna
Marco Tonelli
Marco Tonelli
Milena Tonelli, Enio Ottaviani Winery in Romagna
Davide Lorenzi
Davide Lorenzi
Enio Ottaviani Winery

Davide is our winemaker, lover of the vines and the cellar.
Milena, is the feminine soul of administration, from courtesy to precision. She is an enthusiast for the care of our clients because attention is one of the most important values when making wine for friends.
Marco is the logistic genius from organization to delivery.
Massimo is the Italian and overseas marketer, our globetrotter, who touches down 30 countries a year and spreads the word of love of our land.

We are a close-knit team and together with our friends, in this wonderful adventure, we are a great family.