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the prize Touring Club for our native grape Strati


strati  We won the precious prize ' Corona d'oro'  Vini buoni d'Italia, Touring Club ( Gold crown) for our native grape Pagadebit, and the wine STRATI ( Layers) WEB...



  In this post you’ll find some useful information about our production of PAGADEBIT Strati: from the technical wine chart, the food-wine pairing and the press articles about us. T...

Vinous ...do you know why?


Here you can find one word which you need if you are a professional and you, if you are a wine lover and you want to know what you’re drinking. VINOSO … what does this mean, when can we...

Harvesting 2017


THE 2017 WINE HARVEST Davide and Andrea – the young wine experts of our estate – comment on the 2017 wine harvest in San Clemente, Rimini  and on the plots of land surrounding the ...

Strati and La Gazzetta dello Sport


Strati and La Gazzetta dello Sport Payback of the locals, the true wealth of Italian wine. Extract from page 47 from the  Gazzetta dello Sport 27/10/2017 Here is the extract from the ...

DIAM, the cork


Wine is wine, a cap is a cap.  If the wine is corky…it’s not wine anymore because you cannot enjoy it!   That’s why we chose DIAM. Because when you choose a ...

Rebola - Stelvin


  Stelvin has been with us for 10 years! we bottle them with cap Stelvin®. We are happy to say that  the market is finally waking up about the value of this screw cap, a preciou...

 Strati, Pagadebit


Strati means  Layers, it is the name of our Pagadebit in all its grace. Born from our lands in an oasis of the River Conca. Pebbles - Clay - Lime The earth of the oasis is clay, a...

The CONCRETE in our cellar


We’ve always had  concrete in our cellar.  It represents an ideal container for the type of wine we produce. In our cellar we also have wood: casks and barriques. But when we ...

La Gazza golosa  and pagadebit STRATI


In this article you can find the press review about our Pagadebit - Bombino bianco ( native wine from our area).  Our wine STRATI is 100% Pagadebit We are glad to talk about the White Bombi...

Harvest 2016


  “ This is a very good year!  Consider the nice wind in the morning that we named GARBINO ( which means …a kind of gentle), consider the wonderful summer, very h...