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  They say that it ends on the 21st of September, but here in Romagna it works like this, that summer ends more or less around the 16th of August, the day when Christmas, autumn and the whole ...

A great idea!


the wine list


You are thinking about your wine list and   it would be nice to find the right words to talk about our wines.  Here we are, you can find the list and the right copy. It is for you, take...

2018. The good resolution


2018 the upcoming year In this post blog I’m going to talk to you about what has been important for Enio Ottaviani in 2017,   what is in our hearts, and in our wine. And then? Let me...

 2017 hot SUMMER fresh CACIARA


Such a hot summer has not been felt for years This is why we thought to refresh hearts and enjoy our time with you...   to celebrate our land, Romagna, our sea and your company...

We make wines for friends


We have a family business from father to son. We are the generation that has changed a lot compared to the ideas of our grandfather ENIO, because WE KNOW as Mahler states: “Traditio...

What shall we drink?


This is your first question when we meet in a wine exhibition…then let us introduce our wines.   Our wines are characterized by their fresh, excellent drink which have a soft, clean ...

CACIARA… drink it  fresh!


CACIARA… drink it fresh, better cool!   Summer  HOT CACIARA  cold Sangiovese in summer… drink it cold!! Caciara is a subtle wine, which lets us thin...

CACIARA, the happy noise


Cà-cìa-ra   It means noise and great rejoicing. We renamed it #THEHAPPYNOISE. For us it means shared joy. It is – as well – the name of our...



   928' means 1928 but even something more It was the ’20, futurism went bombastic, Walt Disney – after various experiments – introduced us to Mickey Mo...



We are a WINE TRIBE Welcome to Romagna. This is our land. This is the place where we belong. A simple place, made of simple, genuine  and warm-hearted people. We make wi...