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Welcome to Croatia, this wonderful place.
We are in the centre,  our wines are in the shop.

Enio Ottaviani in Croatia

It's a nice day and Zagreb looks like one of those European cities where you would like to spend your life. 

Let's see the people stopping to taste  our wines.  

We like this afternoon wine-tasting. 

Enio Ottaviani in Zagreb tasting

BORIS is a gentleman. 

We talk about how our country, especially the place we come from, Rimini, is more aware about the beauty and the quality of the italian product.
We know we are not  only a  seaside holiday place!

There is much more!

Enio Ottaviani Winery in Croatia

People ask Rimini how it is, beyond the vintage posters  on the wall of the city's most chic restaurants.
Enio Ottaviani is in their Wine List.  

Zagreb is fantastic, a city full of culture, people of any ages, many young people, some bohemian artists, beautiful people, all curious about our production, a great professional.

Wine tasting

We had a full tasting afternoon, explaining all our production. Merlot was a great success!

Enio Ottaviani Merlot in Croatia

We made a pleasant discovery: in Croatia women are very rooted in the world of wine.
And Boris introduced us to this pink world!

Enio Ottaviani Winery in Zagreb

We met Sanja,  WOW's "Woman on Wine" ambassador. 
A charming  journalist engaged in women's art related to wine in all its forms: production, management, communication.

 Just over an hour we have already thought of an Italian exchange Croatia, and mum  Loredana, to cook Romagna dishes ... oops, Loredana doesn’t know yet, she will discover it very soon. 

If you are about thinking to take a break, come to visit Zagreb.

 Think that  this city it is one of the most densely populated museums for square meters, very catchy and attentive to modern art, artists and Italian culture. 

In October,  there is also an Italian food festival !   
Next year we'd love to bring you here.

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