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Harvesting 2017


THE 2017 WINE HARVEST Davide and Andrea – the young wine experts of our estate – comment on the 2017 wine harvest in San Clemente, Rimini  and on the plots of land surrounding the ...

Strati and La Gazzetta dello Sport


Strati and La Gazzetta dello Sport Payback of the locals, the true wealth of Italian wine. Extract from page 47 from the  Gazzetta dello Sport 27/10/2017 Here is the extract from the ...

 2017 hot SUMMER fresh CACIARA


Such a hot summer has not been felt for years This is why we thought to refresh hearts and enjoy our time with you...   to celebrate our land, Romagna, our sea and your company...

DIAM, the cork


Wine is wine, a cap is a cap.  If the wine is corky…it’s not wine anymore because you cannot enjoy it!   That’s why we chose DIAM. Because when you choose a ...



  The best stopover. Beautiful Italy, BELL'ITALIA We are reported by the GAZZA GOLOSA among the BEST STOPOVERS, to be outstanding, on the streets of the GIRO D’ITALIA. Stopover...

Rebola - Stelvin


  Stelvin has been with us for 10 years! we bottle them with cap Stelvin®. We are happy to say that  the market is finally waking up about the value of this screw cap, a preciou...

 Strati, Pagadebit


Strati means  Layers, it is the name of our Pagadebit in all its grace. Born from our lands in an oasis of the River Conca. Pebbles - Clay - Lime The earth of the oasis is clay, a...

Bio Primalba pairing with…


Cassone with wild grass and BIO PRIMALBA Una cosa semplice… una ricetta povera, tipica della Romagna Those cassone there, that old lady made them, the one that comes to the market every Sa...



Hong Kong


How can I tell you about Hong Kong? If you haven’t experienced it, you can’t understand it. Hong Kong is not China. And it will never be enough if I tell you the story about the En...



Row 15


“When you said this to me… you bring a table-cloth and a picnic basket… I’ll bring the wine”   There is a party on our Wine Estate every year, a gre...

We make wines for friends


We have a family business from father to son. We are the generation that has changed a lot compared to the ideas of our grandfather ENIO, because WE KNOW as Mahler states: “Traditio...

Born in Italy


It is never enough just to sell wine, especially the first time … Rather it is to observe people, to open a dialogue, to understand how they live and feel the distance and proximity i...



Why Romagna mia and why now? Secondo Casadei Orchestra |  credits: Casadei Sonora. Thanks to Lisa and Riccarda Casadei. Just these days we are celebrating 70 years of the recording of the s...

What shall we drink?


This is your first question when we meet in a wine exhibition…then let us introduce our wines.   Our wines are characterized by their fresh, excellent drink which have a soft, clean ...