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A complete interview about  the Export in our company to Massimo Lorenzi.


Gambero Rosso’s Settimanale Economico.

( N. 8 | 29. 06 2017 | page. 11)

  • What is the percentage of the total export of your company, how is the foreign market going and in which countries do you concentrate your activity?


40% foreign and 60% Italian ( a lot of our Italian market are local markets).

We are active in various markets, the most prosperous is the Asiatic market, even though it is fluctuating, perhaps because we began exporting 10 years ago.


  • Where do you sell the best, and where the worst and why?

We sell the most where there is no wine culture as such, because we are able to embrace the culture, and there is also the idea of understanding a culture where you are welcomed. This is why our first markets were Asia and now Africa.

Sometimes we sell better where there is culture, this is if you have a product which is in harmony with a culture who knows wine.

A factual example: our wine which is labelled CACIARA is more appreciated in places where the culture of wine has roots and when one is looking for an original breath of fresh air, like for example the markets of north Europe.

  • How is it going with the bureaucracy?

Exporting to more than 25 countries in the world, we are used to bureaucratic practices. Customs are always a mystery, it often doesn’t depend on the country where you are exporting to, but actually the people.

This is why, for us the quality of the document has to have the same quality as the wine:


Consistency of the presentation,



You can’t think that you have sold the wine simply because you have signed a contract.


Milena Tonelli. Administration

Milena represents the back-office of our company, she takes care of the administration, of the organization and the management of the bureaucracy.


Marco Tonelli. Logistics

Marco takes care of the logistics and supports the company in all the phases for the preparation of the shipping pallets for our foreign export.


  • How has the behaviour and the interest of the foreign consumers changed towards Italian wine?


One would have to carry out a different analysis for every market. Italian wine has for some time (for America and North America) been a favourite, after France.


Until today there has been a change of direction, a kind of waking up towards less known regions, let’s take for example Romagna, whose young approach to wine has been in full revolution for 15 years in this area.

And until this moment, the foreign consumer had first been introduced to Toscana and Piemonte.


  • How do you promote your wine to international markets?


We promote our wine to overseas using the same method as we promote in Italy. WE TALK about our land, the place we come from.


We think that the idea ‘Born in Italy’ – meant as a culture and as a use and as a habit – is a fundamental added value for its promotion.


We make wines for friends – our tag line.


  • Tell us an anecdote (positive or negative) linked to your experience overseas.

I was in Holland with my distributor, we were discussing the world of wine and what convinces a consumer to buy wine and more than that, remember it. ‘You see? A good wine is not enough anymore’, I told him:

‘Wines that you remember, the best wines that you have ever drunk were definitely wines you drank with friends’.

He stopped me and asked: “Why don’t you label what you have just said?” And today “WE MAKE WINE FOR FRIENDS” is our label tag-line.


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