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Strati, Pagadebit

 Strati, Pagadebit

Strati means  Layers, it is the name of our Pagadebit in all its grace.

Born from our lands in an oasis of the River Conca.

Pebbles - Clay - Lime

The earth of the oasis is clay, a pure ochre coloured clay matrix. The sediments date back to the era of Pliocene (5 million years ago) and constitute a favourable environment for the cultivation of the vineyards which adapt well to the earth which is made up of pebbles, lime and clay.

The proximity to the sea gives minerals and a marked flavour which bestows our wines an unforgettable and unique stamp of approval.
Strati is particular for this very fact.
We thought about betting on this vineyard PAGADEBIT/ BOMBINO BIANCO, which from the olden days was considered the poorest wine. Also because parts of our origins, the story of the viticulture in Romagna talks about this very vineyard. 

Strati. Pagadebit. EnioOttaviani

Our grandparents used to tell us that the harvesting took place late and for this reason was served to pay the debts from the harvest. PAGA=PAY DEBIT=DEBT.

Are you are asking yourself what the wine goes best with? We invite you to play a game which we thought about especially for you, because actually pairing food is a question of taste even though we think that above all it is the wine which is the best company at table.

Pairing food. Enio Ottaviani

STRATI goes well with fish from the Adriatic and white meats. 
And it goes well with our daily food. When you drink and share your passing day.
We like to think of it like this.