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Harvesting 2017

Harvesting 2017


Davide and Andrea – the young wine experts of our estate – comment on the 2017 wine harvest in San Clemente, Rimini  and on the plots of land surrounding the hills.


The 2017 Wine Harvest was complex but we are happy with the effort,  for the yield which the vines gave us and how we got to this point.


The Harvest in the cellar represents the second phase of our work which first begins in the vineyards, work which lasts the entire year and which is done together with our agronomist Franco Calini.

This means a lot… and it goes without saying: the conversations with our agronomist, the careful control of the state of the grapes and the behaviour of the plants in the different plots of land in the vineyard, was fundamental for the work in our cellars.



Spring was perfect, with a regular rainfall. But the summer was incredibly hot and it forced us to bring the harvest forward by 15 days.

 By doing so we found ourselves with an advance of technological maturity above that of phenolic maturity.


Let me explain: The technological maturity of the grapes ( which is the result between the pH, acidity, and sugar content) doesn’t collide with the phenolic maturity (The tannins and the substances which are found in the pigmentation of the grape, in the skin and the seeds).



In any case, in order to preserve the flavour, the perfume, and the freshness, we decided to harvest early.

We managed to get out a good harvest, difficult but with great satisfaction and this is also proof of the knowledge of our land, of the work in the vineyards and our style of wine.


To know the land and the plant well, both in this oasis which permitted us to harvest at the right time and in the hills, to recognize that this fruit was able to give the best it could.

The white wines were not affected too badly, whereas in some red wine varieties – besides the classical notes of ripe fruit – herbaceous notes were picked up.

If you had to give in an order for a harvest and of  mass selection and variety, what would you choose?

2017 Wine Harvest Calendar

16 August  with Sauvignon on the plot up the hill

27 August we picked the Merlot and part of the Sangiovese from the hill and one plot on the plain of San Pietro, in Gemmano, a beautiful vineyard.

We ended the harvest in our home vineyard, and this week, the 21st of September, we’ll pick the rest of Sangiovese.

How can one handle the harvest and the picking and when is the right time to do it?

Based on the analysis, on the acidity, and the pH. But truth be told just going into the vineyard.

Let’s have a look at the babo (the Grado Babo or Refractometer -  unit of measurement to define the sugar content), but the right choice we make is tasting the grape and confirming that the time is right, to predict  the vintage.

It is fundamental for us that the wine, respecting our style, that after the fermentation  already has its identity, a character from that moment in time clearly will