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Strati and La Gazzetta dello Sport

Strati and La Gazzetta dello Sport

Strati and La Gazzetta dello Sport

Payback of the locals,

the true wealth of Italian wine.

Extract from page 47 from the  Gazzetta dello Sport 27/10/2017

Here is the extract from the article by Pier Bergonzi about the importance of native wines such as our Pagadebit Strati.

Article by Pier Bergonzi

Professor Attilio Scienza: “We have 535 varieties of different wines.

There is no one like us in the world!”

[…] It is the umpteenth record in our farming. Not many know that Italy is the first in the world for quantity (and quality) of native wine varieties.

Yes, because out of those 855 different varieties there are many international varieties, there are some hybrids, but at least 535 types of native grapes: our wealth. […]

A unique case

Many people think that Georgia is the richest country for locally grown wine , but they are mistaken – explains Attilio Scienza. Georgia has about 800 vineyards but it doesn’t use more than 20 for wine making.

We have 535 registered local/native varieties and at least another 1000 in university collections or research centres.”


Pay attention to the local wines in Emilia Romagna: it’s the upswing of the varieties, the freshness and perfume.

If you want to read the press release, here it is: