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Ready for the Christmas wish list?  

  • Come and visit us in the cellar
  • Taste our wines 
  • buy the right  gift for friends
  • buy the most suitable wine to pair your flawless menus! 
Do you want to know what happened last week?

We met Luisa and Paolo, they came to the CELLAR and buy wines for friends and tehmselves

She needed to organize the menus and wanted to find the right wines to pair!
Paolo - a silent guy - looks around and tastes some wines.

We recommended  to Luisa a wine for every home-made party menu!
Meat and fish menus and a wine that we can define evergreen,
which means " always good!" like Caciara.

Paul? In 10 minutes he figured out all the problems about gifts! 

He asked for bottles for every friend!
 7 men and 6 women.

Oops, women are luckier, they thought a bottle of white Chardonnay MADA
and a bottle of Merlot.
He believes women have  a good taste in wine and they love smooth taste.
And guess what? 
Our MERLOT has 6 different labels! If you are a collector or if you're thinking about an exclusive label wine gift it is! 

What about you? 
Come to CELLAR!

We are waiting for you!

Call us and we will be here for you! 
  • make the right gift for friends
  • buy the most suitable wine for your parties!


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