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Our Pagadebit in the `Golf` magazine

Our Pagadebit in the `Golf` magazine

      Our native grapes PAGADEBIT STRATI


                                 by ‘ IL MONDO DEL golf TODAY’ MAGAZINE                           


Pier Bergonzi  AND Luca Gardini

From Via Emilia to the sea of Romagna

Very few people know that Italy comes in at a first for the highest number of local wine varieties.
Amongst these, at least a dozen are cultivated and transformed into quality wine in Emilia Romagna.

We just have to think about Lambrusco and Sangiovese, with all of their different clones. 
Pagadebit di Romagna is one of these. We’d like to a  “Pop” (Best in the quality-price classification) wine.


Mondo-del-Golf- magazine-our-native-grapes-Enio-Ottaviani-Luca-Gardini-Pier-Bergonzi

A second youth  POP

The name of the grape variety is one of the most beautiful and explanatory of Italian winemaking: its name is “Pagadebit di Romagna” and thanks to the most recent DNA exams,
it has been discovered that it has been twinned with the Pugliese Bombino Bianco.

In Romagna its name comes from this story; the farmers who decided to cultivate these generous grapes used to tranquilly manage to remain within their long term investment.

It was somehow forgotten; but is now living a second youth, also with thanks to wine estates like Enio Ottaviani who take advantage of the Pagadebit grapes to produce wonderful wines.

Pagadebit-Enio-Ottaviani-Pier Bergonzi- Mondo-del-Golf-Today

This is the case of Strati 2016 a fresh and pleasurable white wine.

Of a pale yellow colour, with a fragrance of white flowers and peaches. At the first sip one can hint on some balsamic, thyme and whiffs of calamintha

  • Label: Strati, Romagna
  • Pagadebit 2016
  • Typology: White Wine
  • Wine Estate: Enio Ottaviani


  • Grape: Pagadebit (Bombino Bianco)
  • Wine-pairing: Salmon tartar / tuna and sea bass.  

       It goes brilliantly with tortellini or cappelletti with parmegiano sauce, and also surprisingly well with raw fish !

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