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Wow! Did you enjoy the party

Wow! Did you enjoy the party

In short 

a beautiful meeting before midnight, 

a trick to remove the stain of red wine 

and a kiss


Until yesterday night I didn’t take in consideration that there are many ways to break the ice and get to know a person for the first time. 

One of them is the TOAST while you’re celebrating. 

That’s also because the ‘ make a wish’ effect is deeply hidden beyond the expression “ Let’s have a toast”, don’t you think so?

And then... 

eyes in eyes


then ...  pass-me-the-salt, please

pour me the wine 

and in the end ... ops

 the stain of accidental red wine,  while we are taken by the enthusiasm of the toast and - let's say it - just a little bit of flirting, eh?



And now ?

because the stain is still fresh and  this easy remedy  maybe  could even help you to have a little chat with the blondie at your table!


You have 3 choices: 


1)Sparkling water
2)White wine

It is important that it is a white wine, not aged in wood and that it CANNOT BE a sweet wine.

3)Bicarbonate of sodium + white wine

In all cases you have to pour the wine or water on the stain and then dab it. 

 Repeat the operation until the liquid has entered  into the fabric in order to get rid of the stain.

The bicarbonate is good, melting it with the white wine,   if you decide to leave the stain a little bit more,
because  you have found that you and the blondie are cheek and cheese... 

and the wine red stain is not a really big problem anymore. 


And the stain of lipstick
on the collar of the shirt ?



 if you are looking for a remedy to get rid of  the lipstick
while you are  flirting with the blonde girl that you like so much...
"Houstonwe have a problem",  do I need to tell you this?


Enjoy the moment, drink Caciara, laugh

 When you come home ... you'll know what to do, right?