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Fish and Sangiovese

Fish and Sangiovese

Fish and Sangiovese

In this post-blog you can read how to pair Sangiovese with fish,

which foods you can try, with a promise that you must always remember.

The promise

The best wines are drunk with friends.

It may happen that you discover extraordinary things which go with unusual dishes, daily dishes, with wines that you would never have imagined! Taste is a perceptual world for everyone, it keeps track of your personal stories and the culture and the places where you were born.Even though there are parameters in which you can pair food to wine based on food/wine contrast or food/wine harmony,

I assure you: no right or wrong exists here.

There is the idea of being able to enhance the characteristics of the dish and the wine, finding total satisfaction in your mouth.

Fish and Sangiovese

True or False that you need to drink white wine with fish?

False. Try drinking fish with red wine…. But choose which wine to drink with care.

True or False that everything goes with red wine?

False. Red yes, but it depends, both on the fish and on the wine.

For example if the fish you are eating is slightly oily or greasy, a robust Sangiovese, with a good tannin

can be the best choice for you. In this case I’d like to suggest IL SOLE ROSSO (see the technical sheet here)

Fishand Sangiovese

If on the other hand you are eating a simple Adriatic Sea fish, or a sweet water fish, slightly fatty,

you risk that a robust red wine will get the upper hand, not the fish. The best choice is a Sangiovese with a good acidity (freshness) and good flavour.

I suggest CACIARA

(see the technical sheet here)


Because it is a mineral wine, with good acidity and freshness, which induces salivation and helps to cleanse the mouth, enhancing the richness of your meal.