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The vineyard and the Oasis

The vineyard and the Oasis

Here the mother nature is powerful!

Having a vineyard in a wildlife oasis,  it means to  thank for everything that has great beauty and ecological importance.

Thus  we want to enhance it.

It was early June when – in a morning walk with David – we went to the river Conca, walking on the bike path, we heard the birds singing and  we stopped to admire the scenery.

“ Beautiful here! “ I said to him 

“Ah, I know …  every morning  i make a tour in the vineyards and arrive to the river and then back to the cellar.

Then cyclists came over to have information about the vineyards, to understand the peculiarities of a vineyard which is a few km from the sea, on a reserve.

This is why you now find in our vineyard few  information totems. For each of these you will have a piece of information about our company, the oasis and our vineyards.


The landscape

The Oasis covers an area of ​​702 square meters, it was founded in the late ’80s, with the intent of giving a chance to protect some  bird species.

The access points are many and are located at the river mouth:

You can be accessed from PORTOVERDE ( about 8km from here), directly to the sea, or from Montalbano Park of San Giovanni in Marignano, from SantaMonica.

You could find out a kingfisher or many other birds: Egret, Grey Heron, Great Egret, Night Heron, Little Bittern, Lapwing, Curlew, Pantana, Godwit and redshank.

The roots of the vine

If you are wondering, what actually means to have a vineyard in a natural landscape, it is a good question!

The roots of the vine have an important synergic system, connected with the land, the soil that hosts them.

We are next to the Conca River Valley.

The soil is sandy, rocky and  rich in fossils of marine origin dating back to Pilocene (5-7 thousand years ago).

We are talking about lime and clays, called  Genghe, then the soil is even covered by pebbles.

In the wine studies it is an important mineral value which characterizes our wines, making them unique, giving the taste of the connotations that recall this land and these vines.

We recognize it when we speak of minerality and freshness in our wines such as  Clement I  as well as flavor.

If you want to visit us, have a walk in the vineyards, it will be a pleasure for us, welcoming you with a glass of Clemente I  and Caciara!