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Why Romagna mia and why now?

Secondo Casadei Orchestra |  credits: Casadei Sonora. Thanks to Lisa and Riccarda Casadei.

Just these days we are celebrating 70 years of the recording of the song which made it around the world: Romagna mia by Secondo Casadei.

Secondo Casadei. 70 anni di Romagna mia. Enio Ottaviani. Caciara

Secondo Casadei

And years later when we are telling the story about our granny Delia, when she used to sing at the Tre Piccioni and travelled around the world, then we realize that music is timeless glue with important cultural and folkloristic roots.  And every time we have the possibility – as if it were a national hymn – we start singing Romagna mia!

La nonna Delia. I tre piccioni. Cattolica. Enio Ottaviani. Romagna e Sangiovese

Granny Delia on a tournament around Europe/Germany

We would like TO SAY THANK YOU to this great maestro – Secondo Casadei – who was one of the most prestigious ambassadors of Romagna, he re-invented a rhythm with his polka and his waltz, he beat the boogie’ and was defined the ‘Strauss’ of Romagna.

Riccarda Casadei. Il caciara. Romagna e Sangiovese. RomagnaSangiovese

Riccarda Casadei.  Our Caciara. Romagna and Sangiovese.

It was a great joy and surprise getting to know Riccarda Casadei and her daughter Lisa, to drink a toast together and hear stories about her paternal  life story, it deserves to be made into a film!

I have to tell you this, that there are a few anecdotes which I cannot forsake, especially  if you are Romagnolo!

  1. ROMAGNA MIA had been in my drawer for a long time.
  2. The word LISCIO  which can mean either smooth or ballroom dancing – according to him – was a subtle attribute, because the Romagnoli are nothing but  smooth.
  3. The Casadei family was a family of tailors for three generations and when Secondo decided to compose, it caused a  proper revolution.
  4. On the day of his wedding he received an invitation to play with his orchestra…and  he postponed his honeymoon and went off to play!