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2017 hot SUMMER fresh CACIARA

 2017 hot SUMMER fresh CACIARA

Such a hot summer has not been felt for years
This is why we thought to refresh hearts and enjoy our time with you... 
 to celebrate our land, Romagna, our sea and your company 

Thank you so much dear friends to make this wish come true!


We have thought about the setting tables and food and drink corners





A special menù for you 


We made it with love! 



And here we are ! 
you had you #hashtag day hot SUMMER cold CACIARA
the pork 
the buffet area 
the cakes and the bakery 
the roasted chicken
the fish 
our wines 
the selfie point 
the music
you, our friend! 


We have seen you 
enjoy the party and this was really nice !



we saw you 


among many others...

the one you enjoy the most was 




Davide sang that song


thank you

How many have you been?
More than 600
How many bottles did you drink?
The kisses in the row.. 
Only FILARE 15 - ROW15- can tell!

Who have helped to realize this party? 
40 beautiful and generous friends

Where did you come from?
From everywhere ...
The most remote places?
Thailand, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria ...
The closest?
Do those who have passed the river valley also counts?

thanks to be you and to have been here!