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CACIARA… drink it fresh!

CACIARA… drink it  fresh!


CACIARA… drink it fresh, better cool!


Summer  HOT


Sangiovese in summer… drink it cold!!

Caciara is a subtle wine, which lets us think about the sea and the wine. Around our area the fishermen – from the olden days – used to drink Sangiovese with fish.

The CACIARA vineyards come to life thanks to the natural fauna from the oasis of the River Conca.

Our lands are all about lime, pure clay, evolved, ochre coloured. The marine sedimentation was inherited from the geological era of Pliocene (5-7 millions of years ago).

Caciara, Sangiovese from the sea

Our vineyards, the conformation of the land, the position and the winds of the Adriatic, contribute to create this wine, a Sangiovese from the sea.

If you ask me why… I can reply: CACIARA has a fine body, easily drinkable, fresh, flavour and  mineralized.

It is a wine which is far from the idea of the heat and ripe fruits which we find on the hills.

It is also for this reason that the ideal temperature which helps in its favour to put together the idea of a white wine in respect to a red wine, which is well structured and has aggressive tannins.

This is a simple and vinous wine which one drinks at 14 degrees instead of 16 degrees, so you manage to defuse the summer heat and appreciate it all the better.

Here we are 50/70 meters above sea level, it is not the structure or the longevity of the wine which prevails, but the drinkability!

An ice bucket, CACIARA, friends and the call of the sea.

Here at Enio Ottaviani, we always say: “We have one foot in the vineyard and one in the sea” – we are as the crow flies, only 8km from the sea.

For us this also means that to have a chat with a glass of wine in our hands, which our land and our sea offers to us, is everything we need.

Romagna Sangiovese Caciara.

Romagna Sangiovese Caciara. Pedga il nostro marinaio

Pedga, our fisherman

Caciara e pesce fritto dell’Adriatico

Wine Pairing

Caciara and fried fish from the Adriatic

Everything from the Romagnolo kitchen


Grilled meat

Fresh cheese

Let's pair food and wine 

abbinamento cibo.caciara.