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DADO Romagna Sangiovese

Dado is a Romagna Sangiovese.
The grapes come from four parcels of land on different soils, in San Clemente, Rimini, Italy.
Each tiny piece of land expresses its own distinct and complementary character.


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Dado was born as a Sangiovese cru project, in a limited edition, with 4000 numbered bottles. It is an autonomous  project of the production, considered in all effects a Sangiovese-landscape.
By consolidating work on this territory, over time we have matured our outlook on different mass selections, spending more time on the observation of the vines, for us, it is these four corners which make up the identity of DADO.
Working every parcel of land, making wine separately per zone and typology of the grape.
With this way of working, a desire was born  - in the best vintages - to make a 'liquid' portrait of the vines.
Hence Dado was born in an altimeter delta of vineyards between 60 and 260 meters above sea level, the best parcels were selected by identity and by exposure for the differentiating lands between them.
The style of our wines have always been characterized by balance, sharpness, its mineral and sapid tones and marked freshness.
DADO is all this, in its seraphic and delicious sip.
Romagna Sangiovese
Confezione Dado vino sangiovese


The lands of Enio Ottaviani can be found in the province of Rimini, in San Clemente. It is a happy land, which enjoys mild winters, fresh summers, thanks to the thermal curve and favoured by the influence of the Adriatic Sea. Here the land has an altitude ranging from 60 a.s.l up to 260 a.s.l.
The soils of the oasis have a clayey matrix, the clay a pure ochre colour. The sediments date back to the Pliocene Era (5 million years ago) and constitute a favourable environment to the cultivation of vines that are well suited to the soil consisting of pebbles, silt and clay.
The proximity to the sea gives a marked flavour which bestows our wines with a unique and recognizable timbre. The acidity of the wines are pronounced and the tannins are soft. The hilly terrain has a more chalky matrix, which leaves behind - albeit in part - the silt and the pure clay.
Our Land Rimini
Dado capsule blu


Enio Ottaviani can be found in San Clemente, Rimini, in the oasis of the River Conca.
It is a family business which was born in the sixties thanks to our grandfather Enio Ottaviani.
Today, it is in its third generation, you can say that it has been reborn with a new guise and soul. In 2007 with this third generation, it was completely revolutionized, thanks to the new addition in the winery of the four cousins: Davide and Massimo Lorenzi, Milena and Marco Tonelli.
For the past 12 years, it has been working as a production chain with local products, a wine cellar and a vineyard, only a few kilometres from the sea.
You can find the vineyards – most of them – in the faunistic oasis of the River Conca (12 hectares). As the crow flies we are 8 km from the beach. The other percentage of the vineyards (10 hectares) can be found on the surrounding hills, with an altitude of up to 260 a.s.l.
Vigneti Oasi Conca
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Dado Sangiovese confezione calice

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