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2018. The good resolution

2018. The good resolution

the upcoming year

In this post blog I’m going to talk to you about what has been important for Enio Ottaviani in 2017,  
what is in our hearts, and in our wine. And then? Let me tell you would we would like to achieve in 2018. If you like the idea, write to us about your resolutions for 2018 and whether you’ll come and have a toast in our wine cellars with us.

New year resolutions in January are like a TO DO LIST, full of dreams,
kilometres of wishes, of discoveries, of drinks with friends, of meetings, of places and of travels.

It’s like that with everyone, it doesn’t matter if you make wine or if you drink wine or whatever it is that you do:

New year resolutions are like the budding in a vineyard, after that come the flowers, and finally the fruit which is like the ultimate gift.

In 2017 we bring you:



Spending time together, saying thank you to friends who believe in our work and drink our wines.

Friends old and new, those whom we have just met.

So this is why I am writing to you, because in July 2018
I would like to meet up again at that party which lasts all the way through lunch way up to the rising of the full moon.

Are you lost?
Here in a few words is how the summer of 2017 was.
Hot summer cold Caciara




Complex and intense, a slightly lower production, a thank you to the land and the territory.

For the style that represents us and that we want to see expressed in our wines,
in the alcoholic content, in the freshness and the immediacy of drinking.

It’s a wine to drink!

A harvest at sea level and in the hills, of excellent quality, that will bear fruit in 2018!

Are you curious to know what the harvest of 2017 will bring?
Read here:

The 2017 Harvest

And then?

2018 is here

Romagna Mia as much mine as it is yours!

This is a year of travelling, to the Balkans, to Albania,
so different to how you imagined it or how your parents used to tell you when you were little.

This year is a year of beautiful changes, between ethnic food and Romagnolo wine.

Back to Africa, yes!

Not Zebras, elephants or giraffes but to a glass of great wine and a culture which has lots to teach us. A wonderful exchange.

CACIARA AND UBUNTU….. what beautiful words, write them down!

This is the year in which we say thank you,
for the things we learn every time we sit down at table and think that we are so different, but then we discover one single thing that we have in common and it feels like we have conquered the world.

Happy conquering,

Welcome in our 2018